Saturday, July 20, 2013

Substitution Survival Guide to Going Gluten Free!

These are the tastiest and best substitutions I have found so far! Most of these foods would pass as their gluten-filled counterparts in a blind test i SWEAR!

Okay so here is my best G-free replacement list - and it is still growing everyday!

PASTA - my favorite is Jovial brand in the capellini shape -

Their penne is also really good - I don't love the spaghetti shape as much - just sort of a "fat" noodle for me ;)

Hodgson Mills is also a great pasta brand –

this is also a good brand and I little easier to find sometimes – tinkyada joy-

*** The thing to remember with g-free pasta is that it will not “keep” as long and I almost NEVER store it alone/ dry/ just oiled – I almost ALWAYS mix into whatever sauce or dish I am making immediately – it will keep FAR better this way – Jovial is the BEST for keeping its taste and texture – it goes down from there – and some you rinse after boiling – I know you rinse tinkyada – I can’t remember with hodgson – but you do NOT rinse jovial- and do NOT overcook – it tends to fall apart!

- this is a category where things have come a LONG way- they all used to be TERRIBLE - lots still are but there are FINALLY some super yummy ones!
my absolute favorite is Scharr Brand - baguette

Their breadcrumbs are AMAZING for cooking with as well - WOW - so good!

If you like multi-grain type breads then you will also like Genius by Glutino brand bread –

It is my favorite of the multi-grain breads (I find the white breads taste more “g-free”, where the multi’s really don’t)

Another two that I like are Rudi’s and Udi’s – both in the multi-grain variety –

Udi’s also makes great pizza crusts, buns (hamburger and hotdog) and the multi-grain bagels are awesome!!!!!

There are really great English muffins – knickknick brand – they also have good buns for hamburgers and hotdogs – I think the udi’s ones just hold together a little better

** Thing to remember with g-free breads is that you will almost always have to buy it frozen… but SOMEtimes you will find it fresh (like at whole foods) (scharr is usually not frozen – one of the big perks about them!) –but beware it DOES go bad much faster than normal once you open it – so if you aren’t going to eat it all within the first few days – best to keep in the refrigerator…. ALSO you almost always need to at least slightly toast your g-free breads for them to have the best taste and texture! Also a good rule of thumb is if you pick up a loaf of g-free bread and it feels super heavy for its size – like a dense brick – it is probably going to taste TERRIBLE ;)

BAKING ITEMS/ FLOURS - there is a fabulous brand called “Pamela’s Products” – I have NEVER been let down by any of her mixes! Her Artisan Flour is also awesome for using in recipes.

The baking and pancake mix is what I use for a million things – and LOVE it – pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins, banana/ pumpkin loaf – the big bag has tons of recipes on it!
Her cornbread mix is amazing, so is the chocolate cake, scones, oatmeal cookies – like I said – never been let down!

For brownies my favorite mix is King Arthur – the Pamela’s mix is really good too – but this one is my favorite

Now this is a treat that I only allow myself to have every now and then b/c I can’t CONTROL myself when they are in my house lol! – Pan Bars – I make them with organic canned pumpkin and I use the variation of the recipe printed on the inside of the box that replaces eggs with a combo of vegetable oil and garbanzo beans (you would NEVER know they are in there!!!!) – SO AMAZING!

CRACKERS – there are a lot of good crackers out there these days – my current favorites are the “everything” and the “say cheese” crackers by Van’s

These are awesome crackers too – also by Glutino!

They also make bagel chip type crackers that are really good too –

Their pretzels are AMAZING! Best I have found HANDS DOWN!

and the chocolate covered ones are SINFULLY good!!!!

These are also really good crackers:

and there are a bunch of NutThins to choose from – but I like the two above better – although the NutThins are good as well.

BEER -  how did i ALMOST forget this one!!! :) There are lots of tasty brewskies out there for we the gfree these days!!! Here are few that I really like  - in order of my current preference!

these first two are actually a TIE!

Then definitely not the most exciting - but sometimes the easiest to find and that counts for something ;)  Red Bridge

Then there are a TON of ciders that are all Gluten- Free - I, however am not a fan of "sweet" so I do NOT care for most of them - however I really like the Elderflower Variety by "Angry Orchard"

and this is one other one that I enjoy Raspberry Flavored cider by "Woodchuck"

Well - that is the list - please excuse the choppy nature of it - it is sort of a work in progress - if there is a replacement you have been searching for and you don't see it here - PLEASE let me know I am happy to help!!! I am SURE I haven't remembered everything on this list - but it was a good start :)


  1. so do you order these or do you shop at Sprouts or Whole Foods?

    1. I don't order any of it online - I am able to find all of it between HEB, Sprouts, and Whole Foods - if there is something in particular you are looking for I can try and remember which of the stores goes with which :) thanks for your comment!

  2. I don't order any of it online - I am able to find all of it between HEB, Sprouts, and Whole Foods - if there is something in particular you are looking for I can try and remember which of the stores goes with which :) thanks for your comment!