Saturday, July 20, 2013

Substitution Survival Guide to Going Gluten Free!

These are the tastiest and best substitutions I have found so far! Most of these foods would pass as their gluten-filled counterparts in a blind test i SWEAR!

Okay so here is my best G-free replacement list - and it is still growing everyday!

PASTA - my favorite is Jovial brand in the capellini shape -

Their penne is also really good - I don't love the spaghetti shape as much - just sort of a "fat" noodle for me ;)

Hodgson Mills is also a great pasta brand –

this is also a good brand and I little easier to find sometimes – tinkyada joy-

*** The thing to remember with g-free pasta is that it will not “keep” as long and I almost NEVER store it alone/ dry/ just oiled – I almost ALWAYS mix into whatever sauce or dish I am making immediately – it will keep FAR better this way – Jovial is the BEST for keeping its taste and texture – it goes down from there – and some you rinse after boiling – I know you rinse tinkyada – I can’t remember with hodgson – but you do NOT rinse jovial- and do NOT overcook – it tends to fall apart!

- this is a category where things have come a LONG way- they all used to be TERRIBLE - lots still are but there are FINALLY some super yummy ones!
my absolute favorite is Scharr Brand - baguette

Their breadcrumbs are AMAZING for cooking with as well - WOW - so good!

If you like multi-grain type breads then you will also like Genius by Glutino brand bread –

It is my favorite of the multi-grain breads (I find the white breads taste more “g-free”, where the multi’s really don’t)

Another two that I like are Rudi’s and Udi’s – both in the multi-grain variety –

Udi’s also makes great pizza crusts, buns (hamburger and hotdog) and the multi-grain bagels are awesome!!!!!

There are really great English muffins – knickknick brand – they also have good buns for hamburgers and hotdogs – I think the udi’s ones just hold together a little better

** Thing to remember with g-free breads is that you will almost always have to buy it frozen… but SOMEtimes you will find it fresh (like at whole foods) (scharr is usually not frozen – one of the big perks about them!) –but beware it DOES go bad much faster than normal once you open it – so if you aren’t going to eat it all within the first few days – best to keep in the refrigerator…. ALSO you almost always need to at least slightly toast your g-free breads for them to have the best taste and texture! Also a good rule of thumb is if you pick up a loaf of g-free bread and it feels super heavy for its size – like a dense brick – it is probably going to taste TERRIBLE ;)

BAKING ITEMS/ FLOURS - there is a fabulous brand called “Pamela’s Products” – I have NEVER been let down by any of her mixes! Her Artisan Flour is also awesome for using in recipes.

The baking and pancake mix is what I use for a million things – and LOVE it – pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins, banana/ pumpkin loaf – the big bag has tons of recipes on it!
Her cornbread mix is amazing, so is the chocolate cake, scones, oatmeal cookies – like I said – never been let down!

For brownies my favorite mix is King Arthur – the Pamela’s mix is really good too – but this one is my favorite

Now this is a treat that I only allow myself to have every now and then b/c I can’t CONTROL myself when they are in my house lol! – Pan Bars – I make them with organic canned pumpkin and I use the variation of the recipe printed on the inside of the box that replaces eggs with a combo of vegetable oil and garbanzo beans (you would NEVER know they are in there!!!!) – SO AMAZING!

CRACKERS – there are a lot of good crackers out there these days – my current favorites are the “everything” and the “say cheese” crackers by Van’s

These are awesome crackers too – also by Glutino!

They also make bagel chip type crackers that are really good too –

Their pretzels are AMAZING! Best I have found HANDS DOWN!

and the chocolate covered ones are SINFULLY good!!!!

These are also really good crackers:

and there are a bunch of NutThins to choose from – but I like the two above better – although the NutThins are good as well.

BEER -  how did i ALMOST forget this one!!! :) There are lots of tasty brewskies out there for we the gfree these days!!! Here are few that I really like  - in order of my current preference!

these first two are actually a TIE!

Then definitely not the most exciting - but sometimes the easiest to find and that counts for something ;)  Red Bridge

Then there are a TON of ciders that are all Gluten- Free - I, however am not a fan of "sweet" so I do NOT care for most of them - however I really like the Elderflower Variety by "Angry Orchard"

and this is one other one that I enjoy Raspberry Flavored cider by "Woodchuck"

Well - that is the list - please excuse the choppy nature of it - it is sort of a work in progress - if there is a replacement you have been searching for and you don't see it here - PLEASE let me know I am happy to help!!! I am SURE I haven't remembered everything on this list - but it was a good start :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I hate when I wake up with a SPLITTING headache!!

But it happens...... Probably about shifting hormones for me at this point- at any rate it was quite severe! So, I placed one drop of peppermint oil on each of my temples and breathed deeply.... Within about 15 minutes it had faxed almost completely!! I will say however next time I will take more care in my application - I was half asleep and ended up almost getting it in my eyes - that would not have been good!!! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The power of oil!!!

I am so super excited to announce that I am now an independent distributor for young living essential oils!!! They are the worlds leader in PURE therapeutic grade essential oils !!! The possibilities are limitless! The power immense!!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My ABSOLUTE favorite Gluten Free Dessert these days!

Okay - So, I could go ON and ON about these amazing treats and I have to SERIOUSLY control myself so as not to eat the ENTIRE pan the first day I make them!!!!!! With breastfeeding my diet is even more restricted than my normal G-free routine.... I am also dairy-free and egg-free these days and I limit a whole list of other things too.... but the dessert options take a SERIOUS hit with the combo of gluten, egg and dairy as you can well imagine!! SO, my solution - PAN BARS!!! I make them with a box set that I buy locally at our HEB stores but I know they have them on Amazon too for those without access to an HEB :) Here is the link: and if you open the box all the way once you remove the flour inside there are a BUNCH of recipes! I make the egg-free, dairy free type so instead of 3 large eggs I use 1/2 cup + 1tbsp of vegetable oil and half a can of garbanzo beans - you mix those two ingredients thoroughly in a food processor till smooth - then I add the flour mix from the box, and 3/4 of a cup of organic canned pumpkin. After that is all well blended I add a half a bag of giardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips! Bake in a greased 9 x 9 pan on 350 for about 30-33 minutes - then when i take them out i sprinkle powdered sugar on top! Then promptly start trying to talk myself out of eating the ENTIRE pan in one BLISSFUL sitting! ha ;) ENJOY!